For the Girls…

Now, my four-year-old twins don’t quite understand what a presidential election is. What they do understand is that this was a BIG deal for girls.

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Just Like Art


I’m feeling jettisoned. I’ve been testing myself, pushing myself, questioning myself. …. for no good reason. Contemporary art doesn’t make sense to me. It’s so ugly. It’s so defiant. It’s counterintuitive and repugnant.

In this piece, I attempt to go with the flow. Faux-Urban industrial art thumbs its nose at beauty, but it’s an imitation of what people expect from Contemporary art. It’s not authentic. Neither am I.

So enjoy these fake letters. From this fake urbanite. Some day beauty will arise again. Until then, I’ll layer on garbage until it’s meaningful. Just like me. And probably most of you.

A man named Kermit

Check out my hubby’s new blog on #golfing in NJ where he chronicles his journey to play all the public #golf courses in NJ.


On October 15, 2015, I was enjoying a round of golf at Hyatt Hills Golf Complex (Clark, NJ) with a friend from work. As we walked to our second shots on the par-4 15th hole, the pair behind us hit their tee shots. Typically, you’d expect players to wait until we’ve hit our second and we’re on our way to the green, but they were apparently in a hurry. They walked up and asked if they could join. We obliged.

The pair introduced themselves as Andrew and Kermit. Over the course of the closing four holes, we would learn that they work in Manhattan, and they were actually getting a round in before heading to work later that afternoon. I was immediately jealous. In addition to normal golf pleasantries, Kermit shared something that would set me on a journey.

“My wife and I figured out that there are 148 public…

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Things I Heard While I Was Passing By


“Things I heard while I was passing by” was a lengthy work in progress. Started with a dull, blue background that was littered a tiny bit with merz scraps. Then surprising hypergraphia filled the canvas with all the things I hear/think day to day. The canvas sat on my workstation for a couple of months, unfinished and purposeless. Then one day, I thought about carrying my umbrella on a rainy day. I thought about all the thoughts that pass through my consciousness. And a shower of umbrellas popped into my mind. And it was the only thing to do.

Contact with inquiries. All offers will be considered.

Fauve Girl


Things I love about Fauve Girl: At some point, it dawned on me that art doesn’t have any rules. I could make any damn thing that felt like art and it was just that.

I love Vermeer. I love Matisse. I’m starting to love whatever style I am becoming.

Things I loathe about Fauve Girl: I can’t quite put my finger on it. Did I abstract her too much? Someone on Twitter said, “Awww, look what you did to his beautiful milk maid :-(….”

Of course she was wrong about the milk maid, but her sentiment was the same. She felt I ruined her. Did I?

#art #vermeer

Contact to ruin your walls with this #atrocity.

What’s next? Thoughts?


I’ve been a little stuck lately. I keep going back to this geometric blur of bright colors. I want to take it to a different place. I’m not quite sure where to go. I thought about using painter’s tape to make an interesting pattern and blackout portions of this piece. It doesn’t fit quite right for me. Or maybe I could do something with a simple,  abstracted figure or form on top of this  background?

I need your help! What are my next steps? Let’s call it a collaboration. What do you think?

#art #collaboration

Urban Bloom


I was commissioned to do something with flowers and with an abstract background. Unfortunately, she didn’t like any of my pastel concepts. The bright side – I loved my concepts! (She and I worked on something else.)

I use my cereal box Stamper to create the background, along with some collage bits. I printed the blue flowers and painted over them. The calla lilies took some time comment due to my continuous struggle with realism.

While there is not a whole lot of meaning, I love this painting so much. It’s hanging in the office at my day job until someone buys it out from under me.

The original is (grudgingly) still available for purchase. Contact with inquiries.

#art #flowers

For E & E


One night my youngest twin asked, “Mommy, why haven’t you painted  anything for us?” And then my soul basically died of guilt.

They see me painting all of these paintings and I haven’t yet painted one for them. It was well beyond the time to do so. Every night I tell them how much I love them with a little poem that I made up.

I love you more than the sun
I love more than the moon
I love you more than the stars
I love you more than the sky
I love you more than everything

It’s followed by the same in Spanish, as we try to respect their Bolivian roots.

Te amo más que el sol
Te amo más que la luna
Te amo más que las estrellas
Te amo más que el cielo
Te amo más que todo

Original not for sale 🙂 Commisions and prints are available. Contact for inquiries.

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