Fauve Girl


Things I love about Fauve Girl: At some point, it dawned on me that art doesn’t have any rules. I could make any damn thing that felt like art and it was just that.

I love Vermeer. I love Matisse. I’m starting to love whatever style I am becoming.

Things I loathe about Fauve Girl: I can’t quite put my finger on it. Did I abstract her too much? Someone on Twitter said, “Awww, look what you did to his beautiful milk maid :-(….”

Of course she was wrong about the milk maid, but her sentiment was the same. She felt I ruined her. Did I?

#art #vermeer

Contact ee33art@gmail.com to ruin your walls with this #atrocity.

2 thoughts on “Fauve Girl

  1. Is art the process of seeing? Or, the product of how you interpret what you see? You could go many directions with this image… abstract the form… brighten the color pallet… change the model’s expression… Each would be as valid.

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