Additional Instruction


Last night I was searching for inspiration for a new artwork, and I googled the word “woman.”

These were my results. As you can see, #Google believes that a “woman” is slender, young, pretty and mostly white. I am a woman that is sometimes slender, sometimes pretty. When I lose my slender and my pretty, how will I fit into the Google definition of woman? Is this a desperate lack of diversity? Or has Google’s data mining gone so far that it thinks it knows what my perceptions of “woman” should be?

#bodyposi #beautiful #women


One thought on “Additional Instruction

  1. I think you have to be so self assured that images like this don’t bother you any more. It took me most of my life to finally come to turns with my looks and body image- yeah, guys go through it, too. And now I couldn’t care less what others think of me. Most of the time! 🙂


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